Roy & Associates, PC maintains an information BLOG to which it posts overview information pertinent to various tax and accounting options and other business topics, as well as periodic updates on tax reform and pending tax-related legislation.  It may be accessed via the BLOG tab of this website and some of its content may be accessed via the Client Services portion of the FAQ tab of this website.  Please be aware that any such information is general in nature and represents only an incomplete select sample of such topics of general interest. For application to a specific situation, the reader’s own tax counsel or financial advisor should be consulted.  Furthermore, tax regulations may be created or revised at any time by any taxing authority.  Roy & Associates, PC is under no obligation to update prior posts to this information and makes no representation regarding the completeness or current presentation of the tax information presented therein. Such information should be verified with the appropriate taxing authority or the reader’s tax counsel before a reader makes any decision or takes any action that may result in taxation.

In addition, Roy & Associates, PC provides a separate RESOURCES section linked to its website and its blog.   These links are provided as a resource tool for visitors to our website and our blog.  We are not responsible for the accuracy of the content of the web sites listed nor are we responsible for satisfactory performance by the businesses whose websites are listed.           

Roy & Associates, PC is not responsible for any actions taken in reliance on information presented on this website or on its BLOG site, but only for information provided to its clients under terms of written engagement letters for services to be provided.  Any reader wishing to become a client of Roy & Associates, PC may contact any of the CPAs of the firm, who are also Directors of the firm and authorized to accept new clients.  Their bio and contact information are presented under the CONTACTS heading.

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Roy & Associates, PC serves clients in western Pennsylvania located predominantly in Westmoreland County, Allegheny County, and Fayette County.