Roy & Associates, PC has created a web log, commonly referred to as a blog, in order to establish a venue for dissemination of accounting and tax information to our clients and prospective clients.

It is our intention to publish selected general information we believe to be of interest to the majority of our clients or prospective clients, knowing that answers to specific tax questions will require individual consultation.  The blog is not designed to be interactive and thus it accepts no Comments.  Any questions should be directed to CPAs of the Firm whose bios and contact information can be found at CONTACTS.  The blog is also not intended to be a publication of  all existing tax regulations or enacted changes, much less all proposed changes to regulations.   Please read the CAUTION notice and the IRS CIRCULAR 230 DISCLOSURE notice and the DISCLAIMER / TERMS OF USE notice on the website under NOTICES or on the HOME page of the blog.

To access this accounting and tax information  as well as the articles we publish that may be of interest to individuals, small businesses and nonprofit organizations,  visit the Roy & Associates, PC BLOG by clicking on BLOG at the bottom of any of the main pages of the Roy & Associates, PC Website.

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Roy & Associates, PC serves clients in western Pennsylvania located predominantly in Westmoreland County, Allegheny County, and Fayette County.