WE UNDERSTAND AND RELATE. We believe we can understand and relate to the concerns of our clients and their perspective on accounting and tax issues because many of our team have held full-time positions outside public accounting during their careers or part-time positions outside public accounting while working within the public accounting profession. Our clients are largely small businesses and non-profit organizations who must balance many factors in their struggle to grow and succeed. Our clients look for relationships with advisers that can relate not only to their needs but to the pressures and responsibilities they face every day, and we believe that is one of the reasons they have chosen us to provide them with our services. We believe the following types of experiences outside of public accounting help us to view and respond to the auditing, accounting and tax needs of our clients in a manner that provides them with practical advice and solutions.

Senior Director, Vance Roy, took a leave of absence on two separate occasions in recent years in order to fill responsible positions in other business ventures in which he is a primary shareholder. In addition, his advisory positions on the boards of directors of a number of organizations provide a proper perspective regarding the interaction of our Firm with the boards of directors of the nonprofit organizations for which we provide audit services. These management and controllership experiences outside of public accounting totaling nearly three years, in addition to his roles in governance  and the experience of managing his own practice for over thirty five years, help him relate to our clients through the management and governance problems of their every day lives, while keeping their accounting and tax compliance issues in perspective.

President and CEO, Steven Remaley, spent time as a business analyst prior to beginning his career in public accounting.

Our Of Counsel Associates, both had extensive experience outside public accounting before becoming CPAs, enabling them to shape the response of their accounting and tax practices from their clients’ perspective.

Our Senior Accountant Kevin Shaw had prior professional accounting experience in small businesses before beginning his career in public accounting, as have other senior accountants employed by the Firm in prior years. Those experiences, in accounting, marketing and management, have been of great benefit in helping them while in public accounting to relate to and better understand the needs and experiences of our clients.

Too often public accountants become so consumed with the increasingly complex world of accounting and tax regulations that they lose touch with the every day realities of their clients’ struggles to run their businesses and non-profit organizations. We believe that by walking in shoes similar to those of our clients we have gained the ability to aid them in the practical interpretation of those regulatory issues for which they seek our assistance. We train our entire staff that way. WE UNDERSTAND AND RELATE.

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Roy & Associates, PC serves clients in western Pennsylvania located predominantly in Westmoreland County, Allegheny County, and Fayette County.