WE TEACH. We believe that when we educate our clients on the underlying accounting and tax rules with which they must comply, they are better able to function than if they simply record their daily transactions and rely on us to convert their data into necessary compliance documents. Naturally, different levels of understanding apply to each client, based upon the nature of the industry, size of the client, size of the internal staff, education of the internal staff, and available time of the internal staff to deal with such matters. Sometimes that education is limited to initial training. Sometimes it is training in incremental steps over a period of years. Sometimes it is ongoing education to keep up with industry requirements. Each situation is different, depending on the limitations each client places on our services, but our approach is to try to teach our clients and their staff to the extent they desire to have a better personal or internal understanding of accounting and tax regulations that affect their reporting and compliance. We are aided in this teaching approach, not only by the overall experience of our staff, but by the following personal experiences of various members of the staff.

Senior Director, Vance Roy, has served in the past as an undergraduate accounting instructor at Seton Hill University, limited to introductory courses in accounting, and at the Westmoreland County Community College, limited to overview instruction within the adult education area. He has trained new staff members in firm procedures, as well as accounting and tax matters for forty years.  These experiences are of great benefit in being able to communicate basic accounting concepts to those without accounting experience.

Our Director of Audit and Tax Services, Elizabeth Boyle, has over thirty years of experience teaching both finance and accounting at Seton Hill University and the Westmoreland County Community College, as well as auditing at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg.

Our CPAs and Senior Accountants have extensive experience teaching accounting functions and QuickBooks accounting software to clients and client staffs.

Our Of Counsel Associates  had many years of experience teaching both prior to and during their careers in public accounting.

Whenever we have the opportunity to help our clients through education, WE TEACH.

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Roy & Associates, PC serves clients in western Pennsylvania located predominantly in Westmoreland County, Allegheny County, and Fayette County.