WE PROVIDE SMALL BUSINESS EXPERIENCE. We believe there is no substitute for experience, and our extensive public accounting experience working with small businesses and non-profit organizations helps us gain perspective relative to the needs of such entities. We apply our prior experience with those entities to assist with the present needs of similar clients. We value public accounting experience, and the background of our staff reveals that.

Our Senior Director, Vance Roy, and Managing Director, Steven Remaley, collectively have over forty years of public accounting experience in meeting the needs of small businesses and non-profit organizations. Mr. Roy also served as the Audit Committee Chairman of the First National Bank of Herminie while a member of the Board of Directors of that financial institution.

Our two Of Counsel Associates, collectively have over forty years of experience in public accounting between them.

Our Directors of Audit and Tax Services, Elizabeth Boyle and Cynthia Boniecki, collectively have over forty years of public accounting experience in working with small businesses and non-profit organizations.

Our remaining staff members collectively have over thirty years of public accounting experience in total.

There are many alternative firms available to small businesses and non-profit organizations seeking auditing, accounting and tax professionals to assist them with their reporting and compliance needs. We think our years of experience with similar small businesses and non-profit organizations differentiates us from larger firms who cater to larger clients and from smaller firms who do not bring the same level of expert experience relative to this segment of the business community. We do not try to be what we are not. We are small entity specialists, with extensive experience in dealing with the situations that such entities face daily. When we provide services to our clients, WE PROVIDE SMALL BUSINESS EXPERIENCE.

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Roy & Associates, PC serves clients in western Pennsylvania located predominantly in Westmoreland County, Allegheny County, and Fayette County.