Our Heritage

Influence of George A. Conti, CPA

George Conti, Sr. founded George A. Conti, CPA as a sole proprietorship in 1942 to provide public accounting services in western Pennsylvania, after learning his craft at Main & Company, first in its New York City office and later in its Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania office. He soon purchased the equipment and took over the accounts and the Greensburg office of Frank Smith, CPA, who was leaving for military service.

George A. Conti & Company became a partnership in 1960 when James Carroll was admitted as a Partner. David Stewart and Vance Roy were also admitted as Partners in 1976, and Mr. Conti and Mr. Carroll retired effective 1978 and 1983, respectively. In 1985, when this practice became Conti, Stewart, Roy and Associates, PC, it had grown from the meager beginnings of one CPA with no clients to become one of the largest professional accounting firms in Westmoreland County.

Mr. Conti’s visible legacy continued in Conti, Stewart, Roy and Associates, PC under the co-management of Mr. Stewart and Mr. Roy until 2001, when Mr. Roy withdrew from this practice and created Roy and Associates, PC as a separate professional corporation providing public accounting and consulting services in western Pennsylvania. However, Mr. Conti’s work ethic, dedication to the profession and heritage of quality services did not disappear with the division of the practice into two entities.

Mr. Conti’s early involvement and participation as an Officer of the PICPA had been continued in more recent times by Mr. Roy, not only by service to the Southwester Chapter of the PICPA in many capacities including President, but by enabling staff members to participate as well. Mr. Conti’s legacy of providing auditing and tax services to local non-profit organizations was assumed by Mr. Roy many years ago and continues today. Despite its smaller staff, Roy and Associates, PC has continued to provide a full range of audit, review, compilation, bookkeeping, payroll, income tax, estate tax, and consulting services to clients in the fields in which the Firm has expertise, following the practices, procedures and philosophies established so long ago by Mr. Conti, as expanded and continued through the years.

Influence of Dean W. Matchett, CPA

Upon the 2007 consolidation of practices, the legacy provided by Dean Matchett to public accounting and the community became a part of the heritage of this Firm as well. He entered into public accounting with Rigby & Heasley in 1948 and became a partner in that firm in 1954 upon the death of Albert Heasley, whereupon that firm was renamed Rigby & Matchett. Mr. Matchett became managing partner of his company in 1960 when, upon the retirement of Ronald Rigby, it became Matchett and Reno until the 1995 retirement of Frank Reno, when it became Matchett & Company, PC. Under his stewardship, it developed and maintained an enviable reputation for providing quality services both to its clients and to the community. Mr. Matchett himself served on many local boards and school authorities, highlighted by more than forty years of active service to the Westmoreland Chamber of Commerce and its predecessor.

Influence of Lee A. Matchett, CPA

Lee Matchett, who joined Matchett and Reno in 1986, extended the heritage provided by Dean Matchett from 1948 until his death in 2000. He continued in father’s footsteps not only by providing excellent accounting and tax services, but through his commitment to the community, with a long history of his own service to the Westmoreland Chamber of Commerce and the Redstone Highlands, and as a founding Board Member of the Central Westmoreland Habitat For Humanity. In 2004, Lee Matchett merged Matchett & Company, PC with Leslie G. Frusco, CPA to create Matchett, Frusco & Associates, PC until it discontinued operations in 2007 when it was consolidated with Roy and Associates, PC.   Mr. Matchett remains of counsel to the firm on select client engagements.

Influence of Leslie G. Frusco, CPA

Leslie Frusco had been quite active in many community affairs in southwestern Pennsylvania, most prominently with Central Westmoreland Habitat For Humanity. She has also been heavily involved in the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA), in numerous  capacities, including  serving two (2) terms as President of the Southwestern Chapter. Her commitment to her community and her profession also enabled and inspired various members of her staff to participate in similar positions of authority with both the Central Westmoreland Habitat For Humanity and the Southwestern  Chapter of the PICPA.  Ms. Frusco relocated to North Carolina prior to the consolidation of Matchett, Frusco & Associates, PC  into the surviving Roy and Associates, PC .

Influence of Vance A. Roy, CPA, CSEP

Vance Roy, who joined George A. Conti & Company in 1972, brought with him prior experience at the regional firm Swartz, Alpern, Rosenthal & Company in Pittsburgh.  Working with George Conti, he helped to assimilate into his new firm many of the best practices learned at his prior firm.  Mr. Roy was instrumental in the smooth transition of the firm into new management at the time of retirement of George Conti.  He later created the Quality Control processes of its successor firm, Conti, Stewart, Roy & Associates, PC, coordinated the initial and earliest years’ Peer Review of the firm by outside parties under the AICPA Peer Review Program, and expanded the firm expertise to include estate and trust services.

Mr. Roy was a founding member of the East Suburban Practice Management Group and subsequently a founding member of the Southwestern Chapter of the PICPA, both of which were established to provide local CPA firms with resources and avenues of participation in the profession not previously readily available in southwestern Pennsylvania. As an active participant and an officer of both of these organizations, he contributed to the leadership of the profession and helped to establish both entities into organizations that will continue to benefit the community long after he has retired from the profession.

In 2001, having separated his portion of the firm from the portion of the firm more closely associated with co-owner Dave Stewart in order to participate in other outside endeavors, Mr. Roy continued in his new firm the best practices originated under George Conti’s legacy, as continued and expanded by he and Mr. Stewart through the years in Conti, Stewart, Roy & Associates, PC.    The firm has continued under his direction to maintain expertise in the niche markets of small businesses and nonprofit organizations, as well as individuals, estates and trusts, allowing it to remain a full-service CPA firm offering audit, accounting, tax and consulting services to its clients despite the ever-increasing complexities of accounting and tax reporting today.

Mr. Roy has created a staff blended from personnel developed from within such as Directors Elizabeth Boyle and Steven Remaley, as well as those hired for their existing expertise such as Director Cynthia Tatusko-Boniecki.  He has empowered these three individuals as corporate officers and Directors of Audit and Tax Services to allow for continued excellence in the quality of services able to be offered by the firm to small business and nonprofit organizations.  The firm is now guided in its professional endeavors by this group of directors in a collaborative effort that enriches each of the clients it serves in the same geographic area in which Mr. Conti chose to operate back in 1942.  Mr. Roy believes his best accomplishment has been to preserve the essence of a firm offering top-level expertise in a manner that will allow it to continue to flourish into the future, even as he withdraws from daily active participation.  The credentials of these other directors can be found in the CONTACTS portion of the firm website.

We Honor  and Cherish The Work of These Fine Professionals.

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Roy & Associates, PC serves clients in western Pennsylvania located predominantly in Westmoreland County, Allegheny County, and Fayette County.